“The hour has arrived to tear our nation from the darkness of racial injustice”


Born free in 1655, in Serra da Barriga, union of Palmares, Alagoas.  Grandson of Aqualtune, he did not permit the submission of his people to the Portuguese crown, because he wanted liberty for all, within or outside of the quilombo.  He persisted in the fight and turned himself into the leader of the quilombo, being injured in 1694, when the capital, Palmares, was destroyed.  On November 20, 1695, he was killed and decapitated.  After 300 years, the date of the death of this leader of the Black resistance was instituted, by the Black movement, as a national day of Black consciousness.


Zumbi dos Palmares was the leader of the first democratic experience in Brazil.  This monument of Zumbi dos Plamares is a symbol of the resistance of the Black Brazilian people and the material memory of the fights and conquests for the free exercise of strength of the Black consciousness

Homage to Zumbi:

This bronze sculpture of Zumbi dos Palmares, hero of the Black resistance against slavery, was created and executed by the sculptor Marcia Magno, after much research….

It symbolizes “the multiple phases of the spirits of Africa,” in a position of alertness, he is presented with one leg supported on the other, similar to a wild bird, agile, day and night permanently vigilante, the warrior Zumbi dos Palmares is carrying a hunting lance and a shield, a faithful copy of ‘Mukwale’, a precious piece used by great warriors whose decorations of cabo represent the traditional chief, standing at attention ready for any circumstance

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